Das Motel

Das Motel

4-10 people

80-ties. Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere there was a motel. From the first sight same as others, but not all of the guests carried back the way home. Even God doesn't know what happened with them and even He doesn't want to spend the night here...

Room reservations

70 minutes, where you and your group will experience a real escape the room adventure in Krakow. Tips, objects, secret locks will help you find the right key and get out... Book your chosen date! Do you want another hour, special inquiry? Call or write to us. Package for larger groups - we book tables in the bar, rooms, selected alcohols, and catering on request.

Price list:

 2 people -> 140 zł / 3-6 people -> 190 zł / 7-8 people -> 250 zł / 9-10 people -> 290 zł

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