4 April – Speed conversing – English language

Zdjęcie użytkownika Speak at Speed.

Do you know what the most desirable practice is while learning a foreign language? Conversation! Come and try it for free at this event and say if you want more!

The event will work as follows:

We gather a group of 32 people, half of you sit alone at numbered tables (these will be assigned to people who come at the earliest) and the second group of people will be assigned to one chosen table.

Each of you will receive one question, such as: “Would you like to set up your own business?”, “Are there any advantages to traveling?”, “Why is it important to learn foreign languages?”.

After 5 minutes of conversation with the first person, you will hear “Stop and change” and you will need to go to the next table to answer another question. Everyone will have a chance to talk to 16 people.

After the meeting you can stay and integrate with others in Polish or English language or just go home :)

The event is organised in the one and only, unique, charming place with a special atmosphere, hidden from the crowds – Lost Bar.

Before the meeting, you can order something to drink, so come a little bit earlier.

Participation in the event is 5 PLN.

To sign up for the event, please use the bookmark “Grafik” on our website www.speakatspeed.com

So let’s talk! :)